Submitting to SABLE



Before submitting please read our ‘Submission Notes’ which gives you the guidelines of how to present and send your work to us.


You may also find our FAQ’s page useful. This will be updated regularly so please read it before submitting your work and to avoid unnecessary disappointment.


Submissions should be sent to


We accept:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • In Translation
  • Memoir (History/Herstory)
  • Travel Narratives (Blackpackers)
  • Essays
  • Classic Review
  • Expressions
  • In Celebration



Online only:

  • Reviews (Spoken Word, Books, Courses and Retreats)
  • Spoken Word/Venue listings
  • Microfiction
  • Listings (self upload)





We dedicate ten pages to each featured writer to publish their best writing alongside a photo, biography and any other images that illustrate their life and work. We’d also like you to tell us, what makes you write, and the source of inspiration for your ideas. The editor sometimes includes a short editorial comment.

Send short stories or a novel excerpt of 5000 words, a biography (100-150 words) and your inspiration / reason for writing (100 -150 words).





We give ten pages to each poet featured to publish some of their best pieces alongside a photo, biography and any other images that illustrate their work. We’d also like you to tell us, what makes you write, and the source of inspiration for your ideas. The editor sometimes includes a short editorial comment.

Send 10-15 pages of poetry, a biography (100-150 words) and your inspiration / reason for writing (100 -150 words). Work must be: 1 & 1/2 inch spaced.



In Translation


All veteran and budding translators, or writers who produce work in their native language and in English, (fiction, poetry or memoir) should send translations and other information including a brief write up on author and translator. For translators, what qualities attracted you to the work? We give up to ten pages to each writer featured to publish some of their best pieces along with a photo, biography and any other images that illustrate their work. In Translation submissions should follow the same guidelines for poetry and prose in both their chosen languages of submission and in English.

Send 10 pages/5000 words (flexible, please discuss with editor).



Memoirs (History/Herstory)


Memoirs of home, family, or country. Childhood memories, coming of age, change of life. Complete pieces or excerpts. Stimulating, exciting, informative, experimental in any style.  Any or all of these are welcome within your piece

Send 3000 words.





Travel features. There are no boundaries in terms of place or style. Complete pieces or excerpts accepted. Stimulating, exciting, informative, experimental. Any or all of these are welcome within your piece

Send 3000 words, a minimum of 4 photos in high resolution (Compulsory) and a 3 minute video (Optional).





We are looking for contributions on historical or contemporary aspects of literature or culture. The work should reflect original thought and initiative. It can be a piece of deconstruction, post-structuralism, post-modernism, feminism, post-colonialism (or a combination of these and other theoretical frameworks).

Send 3000 words.





Expressions is our opinion section – a debatable literary or cultural issue that you want to publicly voice. As Sable is diasporic in nature, your piece has a better chance of being accepted if it reflects this, or if it is educational and informative concerning a particular culture or community that a global readership will find instructive and illuminating.

Send 1000 words (flexible).



Classic Review


What’s in a classic? We are seeking submissions of literary reviews for this  section of classic reviews. If you have read a body of work by a particular writer that moved you, we are interested in receiving a piece on it. SABLE Classic Reviews are opinionated, critical, and to the point. More casual than scholarly, they cite text and summarise plot to convey a sense of the author’s purpose and the impact of the work itself. All genres of writing are acceptable. Please make your piece as concise as it is expressive. Some of the authors that we would like to see reviewed for example are Louise Erdrich, Bharati Mukherjee and Andrew Salkey. We will accept completed essays or alternatively please send us a short synopsis of the piece you’d like to write for us to discuss.

Send 1500-3000 words (flexible). For completed pieces we require you to supply the pieces full title, the publisher, and the book’s ISBN.



Online Reviews


Spoken Word productions on tape or CD (professionally produced only, as comment will be made on production quality – or simply not reviewed!).


Spread the Word about a good book as we know that the best way is by word of mouth, so give us your words! Be bold, but be fair. We are not interested in rants, but nor do we expect everyone to tow the literary critics/established reviewers line. Choice of book is entirely open to the reviewer, although it should be a work of fiction, poetry, literary criticism or essay, as well as books on the social, historical, and political themes in relation to people of colour.

Send 250 words. Reviews should be sent to with ‘Reader’s Review’ in the subject line. As always you are strongly advised to read our submission notes before sending your review to us.


Reflections on writing workshops/courses/retreats. If you have attended a workshop within the past 6 months that was especially stimulating, we would like to pass the information on to other writers. Course content, tutor and venue feedback is what is needed here. As well as contact details and cost of workshop if available. Include name, city and country of reviewer.

Send 250 words. Audio/video (optional) Permissions must already have been sought.

Reviews should be sent to with  ‘Course Review’ in the subject line.



Online Only


Click here for more information


Micro Fiction/Mini fiction


Micro: 50-350 words

Mini: over 350- 600 words.

Bios: max 2 lines. (25 words)

Send to



Terminology: We have used the term ‘people of colour’ to indicate ‘non-Caucasian’ and take it to include people of African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Polynesian, Native American /First People descent. This terminology may be substituted for a more appropriate term at a later stage within the publication. We are open to suggestions!



Submission Notes

  • No pigeon holing! If we like your work but it does not ‘fit’ into any of the sections outlined, we will simply create a new section
  • Not every section appears in every issue.
  • Please send your work or queries to the relevant editor for the issue you would like to submit to.
  • We produce a special print edition at the end of each year, with the ‘best of’ work from SABLE throughout the year as well as new work from published and unpublished writers. The submissions for this issue are open all year round to any genre of writing/any theme and are read regularly throughout the year.
  • We are open to suggestions for special themed issues. Send your ideas to, and it will be discussed with the core team of SABLE editors. Tell us how you would like to be involved if your idea is selected.
  • Please submit your work in the following manner:
    – Name and word count on the last page of your manuscript
  • Along with your work, please submit the following:

– 100 word biography (third person)
– Photo of yourself

  • Images must be sharp for web use. For the print edition, all images must be minimum 300dpi/500k
  • Note that some editors may not accept electronic submissions.



Any enquiries concerning guidelines, queries, ideas, comments or letters regarding SABLE should be sent to:

SABLE, SAKS Publications, PO Box 33504, London, E9 7YE, ENGLAND



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