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One Nation Many Voices

ISSUE 14 – Spring 2010
Editor:  Pumla Dineo Gqola



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4 Esteemed And Exciting Poets: Keorapatse Kgogitsile, Gabeba Baderoon, Lebogang Mashile, Don Mattera

Spotlight Feature: Emerging Spaces : Review Of Literary Magazines In South Africa

Poetry: Nosipho Kota, Vangile Gantsho, Napo Masheane

Fiction: A.C. Fick, Rehana Roussow, Mandisi Nkomo

Worth Listening: Tumi

On My Bookshelf: Henry Bonsu – Broadcaster – Colourful Radio

Worth Reading: Zukiswa Wanner, Thando Mgqolozana

Raw Talent : Jitsvinger

Column: Notes From Marsha Lowe – Football at Any Price

Blackpackers: Michele Ruiters in Buenos Aires

Poetry Exchange: Badalisha! Verbalized

In Celebration: Dennis Brutus

History/Herstory: Lucky Dube And Brenda Fassie

Essay: Is This Some Exotic Archival Memory? Observing The Grahamstown National Arts Festival

Onward: Tanya Chan-Sam

Special Feature : One Nation, Many Voices – South African writers that you should know about



Word From Africa
ISSUE 13 – Spring /Summer 2009

Editor:  Kadija Sesay



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Spotlight on: 4 New African writers

Dreams Miracles and Jazz : New Adventures in African Fiction

In the Spotlight interview:  Dennis Brutus on the global struggle for justice

In Translation: Somali Traditional Stories

Travel: Kaylois Henry living in Ethiopia

Fiction :  Molara Wood, known famously for her ‘Wordsbody’ African literature blog, is the winner of the inaugural John La Rose short story competition

Fiction: Zina Saro-Wiwa, Amran Gaye, Marziya Ali

Poetry: Khanyi Magubane, Stanley Onjezani Kenani

Worth Reading : Books by Karen King-Aribisala, Tijan Sallah, Patience Agbabi, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Sade Adeniran, Drum Voices

Revue: African poetry edition

Worth Listening: Ugochi

On My Bookshelf: Henry Bonsu, Nkechi Ebite

Raw Talent: Bhelekazi,  Zodwa Nyoni

Columnist: Marsha Lowe

Classic Review: Why Achebe Still Stands Tall, 50 Years On

Photo Gallery :‘Word from Africa’ at The British Museum

Special feature: ‘50’.  50 writers give us 50 words on Achebe and Things Fall Apart



Perspectives on Being British

Issue 12 Spring/Summer 2008

Editors: Koye Oyedeji/Kadija Sesay



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Spotlight on: Caryl Phillips

A new short story from Rajeev Balasubramanyam

New poetry from Dorothea Smartt

Michael Macmillan on The West Indian Front Room

Koye Oyedeji on Paul Gilroy and his latest book, the photographic, Black Britain

Simon Murray BNP – Brown N Proud!

Susan Yearwood  The Foreigners in the work of Caryl Phillips

Sharmilla Beezmohun  on the Third World and Radical Black Bookfair

Darrell Newton on The BBC and the Last Great White Hope

Courttia Newland  Notes from  a NewLand

A Retrospective on IC3  The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain



International Women’s Writing

Issue 11 Autumn 2007
Editor: Kadija Sesay


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Spotlight on Nawal el Saadawi


Fiction: Tanya Chan Sam, Mamle Kabu

Poetry: Sara Littlecrow-Russell and Diana Way, Debra Providence and Rommi Smith

Essays: Rosamund King on Gambian Women Writers

Lauri Ramey on Black British Performance Poet, Patience Agbabi : Freedom in Form

60/60: Toja Ochu  in Nigeria

History/Herstory: Margo Tamez

Expressions: On Meeting Maya Angelou

Photo Gallery: SABLE LitFest in The Gambia/ PEN Women’s Conference in Senegal courtesy of Molara Wood

On My Bookshelf: Donna Daley Clarke

Worth Reading:  June Jordan, Bella Motadinyane, M.A.M.A. East African Women’s Group, Fatou Diome, Andrea Hairston, Dayo Forster

In Celebration: Gwendolyn Brooks and Myrna Baine

Blackpackers: Ekere Tallie Teaching in Namibia, Kitty Pope Diaspora Heritage Trails in Bermuda

Classic Review: Nora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright (highlighting the Hurston/Wright Foundation)

Notes from a New Land: Courttia Newland writes about the pros and cons of being in a relationship with another writer

Special Feature: An extract from the new novel by Sefi Atta



Caribbean Issue

Issue 10 Spring 2007
Editor: Brenda Flanagan



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 Spotlight: InterSong with Kamau Brathwaite: MaKing ConnXions

Poetry: Kay Swaby and Esther Phillips

Fiction: Ana-Maurine Lara

Raw Talent: Christian Campbell

In Celebration: John La Rose, told in a new and original prose piece by E.A. Markham

Worth Reading? : Books by Marc McWatt, and Opal Palmer Adisa

History/Herstory: Caribbean proverbs by Deborah Moore-Miggins

Blackpackers: Joseph Coelho in Sri Lanka

In Translation: Pedro Perez Sarduy – an extract from his novel in Spanish and English

In Other Words: Carlos Rivera

Expressions: Festivals with a Caribbean focus. Desrie Reynolds on Calabash and Mervyn Solomon on the Miami Bookfair

Notes from a New Land: Courttia Newland writes about Caribbean Connections in his new column

Reviews of key anthologies: Stories from Blue Latitudes – Caribbean Women Writers at Home and Abroad;Voices in a New Dawn – An anthology of Grenadian Writers

Exclusive!: A new and original short story from Edwidge Danticat




Issue 9 Spring 2007
Editors: Dorothea Smartt and L.N. Saleh


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Spotlight on Jackie Kay

Interview with Jackie Kay by Dorothea Smartt and L.N.Saleh.

Photos: by Ingrid Pollard

Poetry: Seni Seniviratne and Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán

Fiction: A. Naomi Jackson and Akkas Al-Ali

On My Bookshelf:  Leone Ross

Books for all Seasons: Books by James Baldwin & Essex Hemphill

Worth Listening?: The Shani Project – Amina & Amiri Baraka

Raw Talent: Beldan Sezen – Cartoonist

In Celebration: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

Worth Reading?: Books by Patricia, Powell, Thomas Glave, Anthology of Canadian writers.

Worth reading?: New books by Rommi Smith & Qwo-li Driskill. Ingrid Pollard,
Samiya Bashir

History/Herstory: Scenes from a Desi-Dyke Album

60/60: Jackee Holder shares 60 hours of her days and spends 60 seconds on an insightful interview!

Blackpackers : Tanya Chan Sam in the ‘Paradise’ of Cape Coast

In Translation: Raman Mundair – poetry in Shetland dialect

Essay: Jackie Kay – The Fiction of Liberation

Expressions: ‘Are you Gay?’ – Dr Tony Thorne challenges us about the language we use

Notes from a New Land: Courttia Newland in his new column fronts bookstores about their Black and Gay sections

Special Feature : Rukus! The Queens Jewels – Chronicling Black British LGBTQ His/Herstory



Africa Issue

Issue 8 Spring 2007
Editors: Kadija Sesay and Sulaiman Addonia



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Spotlight on Chinua Achebe

Exclusive interview: by Helon Habila

Poetry: from women in Chad and the Botsotso Jesters in South Africa

Fiction: Michael Chilokoa and Adrian Ashley

60/60:   Follow Taghred Elsanhouri in as she shows her documentary on Darfur

Expressions: African writers need to ‘undress the empire’ to move forward holistically? Do you agree ?

History/Herstory: Living the Oral Tale. Sulaiman  Addonia tells us how women soldiers used storytelling and machine guns to win the battles for their cause.

Essay: The Writing Scene in Zimbabwe  by Blessing Musariri

In Translation: Amete Ghebremariam’s autobiography, with English translation by Lwam Ghebrehariat

Raw Talent: Susan Kiguli, MK Asante and Bridget Mbabazi

Reviews : Wisteria: Poems from the Swamp Country by Kwame Dawes, Lovesong for my Wasteland   by Remi Raji, Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala, Fitzgerald’s Wood by David Nwokedi, A Life Elsewhere by Segun Afolabi, New South African Plays, New South African Plays Ed. Charles Fourie

Exclusive!: Extract from the prison memoir of Malawian poet Jack Mapanje



Issue 7
Editor: Kadija Sesay


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Spotlight on Walter Mosley. What’s Next?. Interview by Kadija Sesay

Poetry : Tolu Ogunlesi and Sheree Mack

Fiction: Kalamu ya Salaam

On My Bookshelf: Sol B. River

Worth Reading: Manzu Islam, Kazuo Ishiguro

Worth Listening: Linton Kwesi Johnson

Raw Talent: El Crisis

Expressions: Reviewing the ‘Great Day’ by Nii Ayikwei Parkes

Classic Review: Edward P. Jones

In Celebration: Profile on Ken Saro-Wiwa by Ike Okonta

Fiction: Biram Mboob

Worth Reading: Andrea Levy

Debut  Patrick Wilmot, Kalisha Buckhanon.

Poetry Reviews: E. Ethelbert Miller, Chris Abani

History:Herstory: Kevin Etienne-Cummings

60/60: Kwame Kwei Armah

Blackpackers: Joan Cambridge in Guyana

Essay: The Burden of Truth by Marsha Lowe

In Other Words: Kevin Powell

In Translation: Poetry in Kiswahili by Freddy Macha

Poetry Gallery: Calabash in Jamaica and Sable LitFest in Brixton

Special Feature: Poetry For Katrina



Women’s issue.
Issue 6 Spring 2007
Editors: Uchenna Izundu, Kaylois Henry and Carla Murphy.


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Spotlight on Marita Golden by Janis F. Kearney

Poetry: Shamshad Khan and Kamilah Aisha Moon

Fiction: Mialy Andriamananjara and So-Jin Holohan

On My Bookshelf: Diana Evans

Worth Reading:  Sefi Atta, Janis Kearney

Worth Listening:  A-dZiko Simba

Classic Review: Bessie Head by Angie Bual

Books For All Seasons: Zora Neale Hurston, Shahrnush Parsipur, Sandra Brown

In Celebration: SisterSpace and Books

Worth Reading: Andrea Levy

Debut: Diana Evans, Delia Jarrett   Macauley, Valerie Mason John, Jill Nelson

Poetry Reviews: Reetika

History/Herstory: Mary Kayitesi Blewitt

Essay: Grown and Sexy  – Serious Talk with Hip-Hop by Tonya Mathews

In Other Words: Lorna Goodison

60/60: A Life of Activism – Jessica Huntley and Bogle L’Ouverture Publications

In Translation: Indigenous Mexican women’s writing

Talking Shops: Furious Flower and Yari Yari Pamberi

Special Feature: A Room of Their Own – Jeanne Ellin and Claudette Price

Special Feature: Combining Careering Art and Activism – Tonya Mathews talks to Shani O’Neal



Four from Kin

Issue 5  Autumn 2006

Guest Editor: Carol Sidney



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Spotlight on 4 writers in the Kin anthology. Barbara Graham, Shiromi Pinto, Heather Imani and Ranbir Sahota. Interview by Carol Sidney

Poetry: Denrele Ogunwa and Jamie D. Walker

Fiction: Brenda Flanagan and Sharmilla Beezmohun

On My Bookshelf: Suheir Hammad

Worth Reading: Jhumpa Lahiri

Worth Listening: Jah Hipster

Raw Talent: Poetically Buff and Naturalistic

Classic Review: Nalo Hopkinson by Nicola Sinclair

Books For All Seasons: Mariama Ba, ZZ Packer, Valerie Martin

In Celebration: Profile on Dona Daley by Deirde Osborne

Worth Reading: Andrea Levy

Debut: Yinka Sunmonu, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Poetry Reviews: Reetika

History:Herstory: My Life as a Refugee by Gracie Williams

Blackpackers: Uchenna Izundu’s trip home to Nigeria

Short Story Special: Women Telling (Short) Tales

Essay: Indigenous Publishing in Australia by Gaele Sobott

In Other Words: Opal Palmer Adisa

In Translation: Indigenous Mexican women’s writing

Special Feature: Excerpts from ‘Quotes Community’ by Thomas Sayers Ellis



Sable LitMag official launch issue

Issue 4

Spring 2005


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Spotlight on Buchi Emecheta. Igbo Woman Storyteller.

Interview: by Kadija Sesay

Poetry: Fatimah Kelleher and Bunmi Ogunsiji

Fiction: Tanya McKenzie and Gabrielle Daniels

On My Bookshelf: Karen McCarthy

Worth Reading : Ardashir Vakil

Worth Listening: Salena Saliva, Nii Parkes; Tarik Nia

Expressions : The Arts. Slaughterhouse or Graveyard?  by Kalundi Robert Serumaga

Books For All Seasons :The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje; What’s Next? by Walter Moseley; Illusions of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

In Celebration : Profile on June Jordan by E. Ethelbert Miller

Worth Reading: Caryl Phillips; Robert Fleming

Debut: Monica Ali

Poetry Reviews : Darwish / Anthology – Poets Against War

History/Herstory : Suzy Kester

60/60: Ray Shell

Blackpackers : Michael Caldwell

Essay on Dorothea Smartt : Laura Griggs

Essay on Robert Hayden: Zaid Alwan

In Other Words: Helon Habila

In Translation : Veronique Tadjo



Issue 3

Autumn 2003

 [nicepaypallite name=”Issue 3” amount=”5″ shipping=”1.00″]

Spotlight on Niyi Osundare: Poetry is Impossible without the Human Voice by Abdul Rasheed N’Allah

Poetry : Maureen Roberts and Raman Mundair

Fiction: Judith Bryan and C. Liegh McInnis

On My Bookshelf: Vanessa Walters

Worth Reading?: Finding Fish by Antwone Fisher and The Emperor’s Babe by Bernardine Evaristo

Debut:The Fat Lady Sings by Jacqueline Roy and Marking Time by E.A. Markham

Worth Listening?: Panya Banjoko, Phenzwaan and Cherry Natural

Expressions: Good Writing = Good Reading by Nii Ayikwei Parkes

In Celebration: In Memory of Beryl Gilroy by Carole Boyce Davies

History/Herstory: Excerpts from ‘Cotton Field of Dreams’ by Janis F. Kearney

Classic Review: This is not the Joy Luck Club – The works of Frank Chin


Issue 2

Autumn 2002


 [nicepaypallite name=”Issue 2” amount=”5″ shipping=”1.00″]

Spotlight Interview with Sonia Sanchez: The Joy of Writing Poetry by Kadija Sesay

Poetry :Elena Georgiou and Jacob Sam La Rose

Fiction : Tanya Tay and Carole Russell

On My Bookshelf : Stephen Thompson

Worth Reading?: October Suite by Maxine Clair, The Emperor’s Babe by Bernardine Evaristo, The Healing by Gayle Jones, Salt and Saffron by Kamilia Shamsie

Books For All Seasons : (Editor Selections) Dambudzo Marachera, Jhumpa Lahiri, Edwidge Danticat, Paule Marshall

Worth Listening?: Spoken Word CD reviews – Angela Harvey Smith, Freddy Macha and Ainsley Burrows

Expressions: Ban The Slam! A debate between Pete Kalu and John Siddique on the upside and downside of poetry slams

In Celebration: In Memory of Amryl Johnson by Maureen Roberts

Classic Review: Courage Under Fire – The Works of Calixthe Beyala by Sefi Atta

In Translation: Nancy Morejon


Inaugural issue

Issue 1

Spring 2001

 [nicepaypallite name=”Inaugural issue” amount=”5″ shipping=”1.00″]

Spotlight Interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson: The Tap Natch Poet by Allister Harry (SOLD OUT)

Poetry: Chris Abani and Nathalie Handal

Fiction: Koye Oyedeji and Shereen Pandit

On My Bookshelf: Courttia Newland

Worth Reading?: The Street by Biyi Bandele, Fruit of the Lemon by Andrea Levy, An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

Expressions: From Live Performance to Live TV by Kalamu ya Salaam

Books for all Seasons: Blue Light by Walter Mosley, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi, Fruit of the Lemon by Andrea Levy

Classic Review: An Education in Storytelling – The works of Toni Cade Bambara by Kadija Sesay

In Translation: Anabel Torres



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