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SPECIAL 2012 Print Edition

Sonia Sanchez and The Peace Haiku Campaign



With a special podcast interviews from Sonia Sanchez and Talib Kweli

Editor: Kadija Sesay

Publication date: October 2012



Word from Africa

Based on the  1 July event

Spring 2013

Editor: TBC




Hip-Hop Culture and the Music of the Black Atlantic: a soundscape for our time


Hip-hop is like black semen. Anything it connects with becomes black.

– Kanye West


Hip-hop culture today needs to be recontextualised within both the changing shape of America’s socio-political landscape, as well as our globally reconfigured cultural marketplace. This issue of SABLE will explore both the socio-cultural turn of the post-civil rights generation and the commodification of black resistance today, but also intends to examine the complex and at time contradictory global impact of hip-hop culture; a culture that was told by kidnapped Africans on stolen land with Japanese technology, and sent out to poor and rich youth all over the world, disguised as an American product. This special issue will present a wide array of writers, and welcomes alternative formats such as audio, visual and digital contributions that offer a more complex engagement with contemporary hip-hop’s sonic, social and moral forces, and how such styles and ideas are now traveling across the globe. We invite writers and cultural practioners to re-engage hip-hop’s rebellious history, its commercialised and militarised present, as well as its convivial futures that are being imagined by the transnational multi-ethnic pirates of today’s black Atlantic.


Editor : Omar El Khairy

Summer: 2013

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, send your queries to




50 is the new 30


Print edition

Profiles on 50 people of colour between the ages of 50-52 who are making significant waves

Autumn/winter 2013

Editor: TBC




One of our most successful and popular issues was our LGBTQ issue with Jackie Kay as the cover interview. We feel that its time to do another issue that showcases creative work by lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender & queer writers  and artists of colour. Of African, Caribbean, Arab, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Pacific, South American  & First Nations Heritage)

Original print copies are still available, signed by Dorothea Smartt and Jackie Kay.

Editors: Dorothea Smartt – ‘Brit Born Bajan’ poet & live artist

with guest co-editor: Diriye Osman – Somali Afropolitan Writer and Artist

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, send your queries to

Publication date: Spring 2014




NOT the Arab Spring

New Writing from and about the Middle East and North Africa


NOT the Arab Spring will feature writing from authors whose work speaks to the many forms of protest, resistance and liberation that the uprisings throughout the Middle East and North Africa have and continue to engender. We will feature the work of writers whose poems and prose celebrate the accomplishments of these uprisings but also the hopeful and sometimes anxious feelings that accompany national change. This issue will offer writing in all styles and genres that speaks to these movements and their aftermath locally, regionally and internationally. We welcome first hand accounts to critical commentary, from poets to filmmakers, emerging and established.


We will also feature interviews with prominent writers, activists and cultural commentators from the Middle East and North Africa as well as translated works.


This issue speaks to the idea that the uprisings in the Arab speaking world was the culmination of many years of struggle, oppression and resistance that broke through using new technologies enabled by the youth.



Guest Editor Persis Karim is a San Francisco Bay Area poet and editor, (Let Me Tell You Where I’ve Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora, University of Arkansas Press)

Publication date: Summer 2014



Where is Home ?

What does Home mean to you?

We explore the term ‘homeland’ from various perspectives and in various genres and art forms.

Editors: Kadija Sesay and Sylvester Onwordi

Publication date: autumn/winter 2014




African American Futures

An exploration of African American Literature and its place in the global cultural economy of the 21st century.


The purpose of the special edition is to critically consider the future of African American Literature. The issue aims to review the past canon of work in this area solely in the context of how it serves and shapes this future. Contributors will be called on to consider African America Literature through the lens of publishing – as a canon, an industry and as an educational apparatus.


What does it mean for literature to represent African Americans in the

21st Century? How are these representations named, formed and how do we articulate the nodes that extend from it? Who are the new and present generation of writers who will take the canon forward and in what context do we consider their relationship with the historical proponents of African American Literature? How are we to consider the role of African Americans as members of the publishing industry, the agents, critics, editors and independent publishers, their roles and the current debates, such as the impact of digital technology in the publishing world? What space does African American Literature occupy as we usher in a fully-fledged digital era? Finally, the issue of Civil Rights in the 21st Century may well be one that centres on the right to an adequate education in the U.S. Therefore, what role does African American Literature play in the American education system today?


We are currently looking for essayists, creative non-fiction writers, photographers, cultural studies, satirists, artists and reviewers whose work considers the above.



Editor: Koye Oyedeji

Publication date: 2014

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, send your queries to



Art and Religion


Religion, Spirituality and Art.

Co-editors: Chavis Jones and Reggie Sharpe

with Carla Murphy

Publication date: tbc





“Water, E No Get Enemy”

– Fela Ransome Kuti


An issue on our climate change and turning around environmental damage

Guest editor:tbc

Publication date: tbc






SABLE²  will be literary culture and commentary from the “bottom up”.  An exciting and diverse new tri-annual downloadable zine and creative forum where contributors are invited to help shape the publication.


SABLE² aims to act as a hot house of ideas for a new young thriving intellegentsia that aims to bridge the gap between the notion of a literary institution and those that have traditionally been excluded from the arena on the basis of access, social status, education and class and to nurture these relationships between socially diverse audiences and mainstream organisations.  for more information





If you are interested in being an editorial assistant on any of our issues outlined above, please contact


We also offer internships on most issues. If you are interested in an internship on SABLE, please contact


If you would like to guest edit an issue of SABLE LitMag, contact with your CV and suggested theme. If we like it, we will contact you to discuss it further. Please look at an issue first before sending us your details. You will need to commit at least 3 months to create an issue of SABLE.





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