Morning Haiku – Sonia Sanchez



Sonia Sanchez has reached that pinnacle in her poetry career where she creates new forms for others to revere and follow and her chosen form in which she so innovatively breaks and re-moulds the rule is that of the haiku. She tells us in her introduction how she first found this form, and how her poetic world opened up. [QUOTE NEEDED?]


Morning Haiku is Sonia Sanchez’s first poetry collection in 10 years – and that is 10 years from the time when I first interviewed her for SABLE (thank you Max Rodriquez, QBR for introducing me to this legendary poet). She continues to challenge and break the form, breaking the rules whilst deeply honouring those around her who have made an impact on her life and those of others.


But why I like it, most of all, is that it reminded me of how much I too love writing haiku – and I better get back to writing a haiku a day – because I still have so much to learn.





From her:

10 Haiku (for Philadelphia murals)

I give you a selection of just 4:



                               Philadelphia roots

                               Lighting these walls

                               With fireflies



                               flowers stretched

                               in prayer on a

                               cornerstone wall



                               in the open

                               alley a galaxy

                               of dreams



                               even in the

                               rain, these murals

                               pause with rainbows



Morning Haiku Selected by Kadija Sesay

ISBN: 978-080706910-3

Print Publisher: Beacon Press

e-Publisher: Random House



Follow our interview with Sanchez as she talks passionately about her Peace Haiku Campaign. To find out how to contribute a peace haiku, visit the submission page. With 17 (or less) syllables , she has made the city, that is now her home an icon of how poetry can change the world.



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