Frequently Asked Questions




Does SABLE pay its contributors

No we don’t. However, we often have various opportunities that we pass on to our editors and contributors in lieu of payment.



Can I get a free back copy of SABLE?

No. All of our back copies are part of our benefit package for members and used for promotional purposes



How can I see my work if it is digital?

We will send you a PDF version of the magazine. However, this will not include the hyperlinks or the digital aspects of the magazine.


All contributors are given a code for a one time reading of the digital issue. Thereafter we will send you a copy of your article.


All contributors automatically become members at the Friend level for one year and can accrue our benefits. See ‘membership’ for the benefits of becoming a SABLE member.



Is this the same SABLE for lesbian women of colour?

No. We distinguish SABLE by adding LitMag to our title



How can I purchase a back copy of Sable?

If you have any problems purchasing the copy you want

Send your request to

and you request will be responded to within 24 hours



Can I get Sable on my Kindle?

Digital issues of SABLE can only be accessed and downloaded through Zinio



Can I pay for access to just one issue? 

Minimum access is for one year, which includes 2 digital issues and the special end of year printed issue, with all other Membership benefits.

Visit our Join Us page



Can I subscribe to the printed year end issue only?

The printed end of year issue can be purchased via the SABLE website.



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