Mental Fights

by Sai Murray, Arts and Politics Editor


A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves

A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves: Black people are systematically destroyed by the media and the marketers as well as by police bullets. Black voices are destroyed by well-meaning White voices. #BlackWordsMatter. #BlackLivesMatter.




Gambia boat23.9.14
Climate Change Conversations. And Questions…

TippingPoints Weatherfronts event posed certain questions: What is the role of the writer in addressing climate change? What kind of story is climate change? And inspired more: Who gets to tell this story? Whose voices are negated? And how we can approach climate change from a climate justice and reparations angle?



BoT-crown smash23.1.14
To MBE Or Not To MBE

With all the Royal Family ‘news’ last year it was refreshing to witness another marriage – the successful pairing of arts and politics that was Jonzi D’s creative response to receiving a letter from the Queen.



From Advertising to Anarchism

On the surface it may seem we are losing this battle of ideas but that is part of the illusion. The meme “We Are the 99 Percent” has global majority credence. Conversations – face to face – are important.




Sai Murray’s  debut poetry collection, Ad-Liberation is published by Peepal Tree Press.




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