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Expressions is our opinion section – a cultural issue that you want to publicly voice. As Sable is diasporic in nature, your piece has a better chance of being accepted if it reflects this, or if it is educational and informative of a particular culture or community that a global readership will find instructive and illuminating.




Length: 1000 words (flexible). Content is more important than length but pieces over 1500 words are unlikely to be accepted.


In the subject line please put: Expressions: Title of Your Piece – Your Name


Send to:





Reflections on writing workshops/courses/retreats.


If you have attended a workshop within the past six months that was especially stimulating, we’d like to pass the information on to other writers. Course content, tutor and venue feedback is what is needed here as well as contact details and cost if available. Include name, city and country of reviewer.




Length: 250 words (flexible). Content is more important than length, but pieces over 500 words are unlikely to be accepted.


In the subject line please put: Reflections: Title of Your Piece – Your Name


Send to:




We do not accept unsolicited reviews. If you are an experienced book reviewer and would like to submit to SABLE, please contact


If you would like to write reviews for SABLE please check our professional development section.



Worth Listening?


If you have a spoken word or music production that you would like us to review, please email us with brief details: title/artist/when produced/type (e.g. music/spoken word)


If you do not hear from us within four weeks then we will not be able to review it. Completed written reviews are not accepted as we have our own team of reviewers.




Micro mini stories

Up to 5 stories can be sent at the same time

Length: 50-99 words

Bios: 20 words max

In the subject line please put: Title of Your Piece/s – Your Name


Send to:


Other story lengths:


Mini: 100-999 words

Midi: 1000-3499 words

Maxi: 3500-7500


Bios for mini/midi/maxi/ stories: 50 words


Bios for maxi story lengths: 100 words



In the subject line please state the length Mini/Midi or Maxi: Title of Your Piece – Your Name



Stories published in the mini/midi/maxi length range will automatically be included in our quarterly competition.


Stories submitted in the maxi story length range will be considered for our story of the month.



Send through:



Terminology: We use the term ‘people of colour’ to indicate ‘non-Caucasian’ and take it to include people of African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Polynesian, Native American /First People descent. This terminology may be substituted for a more appropriate term at a later stage within the publication. We are open to suggestions!




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