SABLE LitMag announce a new partnership with The Literary Consultancy.

‘Free Reads’ through SABLE provides an opportunity for emerging writers of colour on

low incomes to access a professional editorial read of their work.

Two of these manuscript reads will go to writers who have been published in SABLE but who do not have a published or produced work in the genre that they are applying to.

This is a 3 year partnership. 

Year 1, we offer it to fiction writers – novelists and short story writers – any genre 

Year 2 we offer it to poets and memoir writers

Year 3 we offer it to scriptwriters of film and drama and writing for children

We  are also offering, as a competition, a mentorship lasting 6 months!  This is open to writers of all genres. The conditions are slightly different – so please read carefully.

Deadline for applications is midnight (GMT) Friday 27 November 2015.

The Literary Consultancy Free Reads Scheme offers talented, low-income writers the opportunity to apply for bursaried (i.e., non-fee paying) access to their valuable commercial services for writers. Established in 1996 as the first service of its kind in the UK, The Literary Consultancy (TLC) offers writers the opportunity to receive an honest, market-aware appraisal of their work through its long-running manuscript assessment service, available for extracts or full manuscripts across fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, scripts and screenplays. TLC has helped a number of writers on to publication, but its main aim is to support writers in developing their work. TLC hand-matches each incoming manuscript to a suitable reader from its list of 80+ professional editors, and writers can expect to receive feedback in the form of a written critique, sent within 4-6 weeks of the application being processed. The Free Read scheme particularly welcomes applications from writers belonging to groups currently under-represented in publishing including women writers, disabled writers, writers of colour, and members of the LGBQT community.

Am I eligible? 

To qualify  for a SABLE free read, you must be 

  • a writer  ‘of colour’ (African/Asian/middle eastern/ mixed race descent with at least one parent of an ethnic background from  )

  • on a low income. 

Definition of low income includes, full-time student, on income support,  in receipt of Working Tax Credit, on Job Seekers’ Allowance or disability benefits. 

  • have a combined household income  less than £18,000
  • the sole author of your work 
  • have written your novel/short stories predominantly in English (if non-English words/dialogue are included as  befits the style of your story or voice, that is fine)

(if you are not a writer of colour and are interested in a free read, there are other free read schemes that you can apply to. Please visit the TLC website)

You must not be

  • in negotiations with a publisher for the work that you are submitting
  •  living outside the uk
  • be under 16
  • received a free read from the literary consutancy in the past 12 months
  • be enrolled in a creative writing degree (undergrad or postgrad)

I am! How do I apply?

  • download the TLC application form 
  • download the SABLE  cover sheet

Return them to us with two other word docs

  1. A synopsis of the work you are submitting (max 1 x side of A4)
  2. 50 pages of your novel or up to 50 pages of short stories

if we like your work we will ask you to submit the full manuscript by  the end December, and you will then have until 11 Jan to submit the full ms for your ms read

if you don’t submit by 11 Jan, we will select the next person on the list so your work should already be complete

All extracts must be  double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font (or similar serif font). Online submissions only

When will I know if I’ve been selected and what do I do next?

SABLE will read all submission and select

2 SABLE contributors

2 non SABLE writers

We are only offering full ms reads, so if we select you and your ms is not ready, the offer will go to another writer A full ms should be minimum 60,000 words.

The deadline cannot be extended. We will let you know by email or other means so make sure that you give us all your contact details

email/mobile/skype/viber/what’s app/face time

 (we know that its the Xmas period  and you may be in some sunny clime – writing of course! –  so we will do all we can to reach you.)


We  are also offering, as a competition, a mentorship lasting 6 months!  This is a competition open to writers of all genres. The conditions are slightly different – so please read carefully.

Submissions close on Friday  27 November 2015


Please read the following 3 links if you wish to apply

ACE Free Reads Page
TLC Manuscript Assessment Page
TLC Manuscript Assessment T’s & C’s

If you are still interested, click and download the application forms below.

TLC Free Reads Application Form 2015 – updated


If you have a problem downloading the forms, or if you have any questions, please email us on

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