Building the literary blocks for a social enterprise




SABLE LitMag is a publication of new work from creative artists and activists by writers of colour. Its aims are to showcase new creative work and to be a training ground that incorporates individual and team goal setting. Its objectives are to show how the arts can be used effectively for cultural understanding and building strong international communities.


We aim to develop the programmes so that they form a structured developmental process. SABLE has a virtual office, therefore its interns are also virtual (because of this, we can accommodate interns who are based outside of the UK on an equal basis).  Our interns work on the magazine as researchers, contributors and editors, for them to gain general or specific experience that they are looking for in publishing.


As a social enterprise it will enable the projects that have been piloted to be carried through more effectively, to make them more tenable and sustainable, particularly for (but not excluding) the target age groups 16 to 25 and 40-55 in urban communities with ethnically diverse populations.  These are both critical age groups: young people who are moving from school/college/university to their first jobs and a mid-life age group who may be going through a second career phase or a life/lifestyle change. Both groups can learn from each other.


Our aim is to provide programmes with long term visions that:


  • offer streamlined training on the publication
  • improve professional and personal development skills
  • deliver writing programmes in formal and informal educational  settings
  • deliver visual art and other art programmes in formal and informal
  • other art programmes in formal and informal educational settings
  • develop further partnerships in order to deliver our programmes
  • incorporate the use of multi-media strategies


The end result will be to work towards publication in SABLE and/or to work on it in some other capacity such as editing, production, management and design (in both print and digital formats) and communications. Working through the programmes will enhance confidence, self esteem, work practice, writing skills ; finance skills and working in a team environment. Programmes will incorporate coaching so that individual and organisational goals can be achieved. SABLE’s relationship with significant partners means that we can offer options for writers to publish and work in the book publishing trade, design and multi-media.


We will also be offering residential courses for writers of all age groups, in a wide range of artforms.


The ethos of SABLE LitMag is that ‘Art is the heArt of a nation,’ and therefore, the value will be in using Art as a means to build strong communities.  We want SABLE LitMag to be an example of good practice to show how art and in particular literature, can be used effectively, to promote cultural understanding and social cohesion within communities and across both mental and physical borders.

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