Story of the Month

  • The Multi-Talented Monsieur Zily

    The Multi-Talented Monsieur Zily

    The Multi-Talented Monsieur Zily (not your run of the mill underdog short story) By Soamiely Andriamananjara   The sun was still at the upper edge of the cracked window when my buddy Rojo and I ordered our first bottles of ice-cold ‘Three Horses Beer’. We were both thirsty. It was half way down the window…

  • Seven Days by Paula David

    Seven Days by Paula David

    Seven Days by Paula David The back door opened. Steve lingered in the doorway. The heat had drained his energy and reddened his complexion. A long stain of sweat at the centre of his shirt forced my gaze downwards. I knew this moment so well. There was a time when I would have been relieved…

  • Femimo by Akwaeke Zara Emezi

    Femimo by Akwaeke Zara Emezi

    I took one of my taxis to the estate so that no one would recognise the car. The security at the first gate waved us in with a cursory flick of their torchlights, not bothering to bend to the window. After all, the taxi was only a common yellow,

  • The Littlest Sound by Karen Onojaife

    The Littlest Sound by Karen Onojaife

    Peter hadn’t always been one for getting his hands dirty, but early on in Jess’s pregnancy, exhausted by his fussing, she had demanded that he find something to do with himself.

  • Leaving Hakeem by Sam Sabo

    Leaving Hakeem by Sam Sabo

    Leaving Hakeem by Sam Sabo   Today it’s an English boy Hakeem brings home. She sees him walking into the toilet as she comes up the stairs. The black briefs he is wearing are leather with spiky silver studs around the waistband. She is in her room when she hears the toilet’s muted gurgle and the…

  • Stella Oni

    Stella Oni

    Deadly Shadows by Stella Oni   In her latest crime series, Oni introduces us to Toks Ade, a black female metropolitan police detective. She is a single parent with a 15 year old son and a weight issue with many years’ experience.   Toks worked as a uniformed officer for many years and is proud of her achievement as both…

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