published literature

  • Owning the Black Brand

    Styles of dress are constructions of self through the assemblage of garments, accessories and beauty regimes that may, or may not, be in fashion at the time of use. Which in turn becomes part of the process of self-telling. To discuss issues around dress styles is to engage with objects that touch a body, an individual, a group, a society, a culture, here discussed with regards to black people in Britain.

  • Non Traditional Channels

    What kind of writing is currently being published by black writers by mainstream and independents? Mainstream publishers in the 90’s were focused on a particular kind of novel from male writers (urban and gritty) and from women (family and identity). Those making the bigger waves were writers who showed the diversity of Britain’s landscape or who didn’t include black characters at all.

  • An Impenetrable and Immovable Legacy

    Michael McMillan, playwright, artist and scholar, along with invited guests from the field of stage and performance, discusses the need for practitioners of black and Asian descent and the artist’s community to acknowledge historical achievements and histories in new reinvigorating ways.

  • Treasure the Nuttiness

    Art and music critic Kevin Le Gendre discusses the creative case for diversity in music. How hard have black and multi-ethnic British artists had to struggle to be recognised over the years, in order to breakthrough in the mainstream on their own terms?

  • The Global Moment

    Visual artist Raimi Gbadamosi along with guest artists and art critics Sonya Dyer and Paul Goodwin, consider the artistic offering of ethnically diverse peoples in Britain, discussing what has been written into history, the notion of canon and the validity of experiences; along with raising questions of heritage and culture in relation to art and arts practice.

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