Poet of the Month

  • Patricia Foster

    Patricia Foster

              It’s been exciting and inspiring setting up the first SABLE Poet-in-Residence programme with Patricia Foster and just proved to us that apart from her lovely self, that she was the right person to be an ambassador too. The residency will be for a year from today and will involve Patricia…

  • Kei Miller

    Kei Miller

    I hate to admit this, especially as a queer black poet living in the UK, but I only discovered Kei Miller three years ago. It was a huge failing on my part as I had spent the last ten years searching for writers that would somehow speak to my experience growing up on an island far away, loving people of the same gender

  • Gabeba Baderoon

    Gabeba Baderoon

      Gabeba  Baderoon plays with words and twists phrases that make you believe that she is re-inventing the English language and this makes her imagery both subtle yet striking – and so memorable. A shiver will always be a ‘dance in the body’ from now on. ‘The camera’s finitude is its delirious secret’ – is the…

  • Alan King

    Alan King

    Alan King and I (Kadija) read together on my last tour date of Irki in Washington DC on 13 April at The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum organised and promoted by

  • Seni Seneviratne

    Seni Seneviratne

    Seni Seneviratne   I first heard Seni’s poetry back in the 1980s, when she was still collaborating with the writer, and artist, Maya Chowdhry, making the voices of British Asian feminists heard. Politics has always been a core motivating force of Seni’s work.     She has been able to blend her concern for the disenfranchised and the…

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