Editors Choice

  • Tsitsi Dangarembga

    Tsitsi Dangarembga

      Nervous Conditions has been at the top of my reading list for many years. It made it to the number one slot when a friend of mine in Gambia, who loaned it, held it in front of me and said, “have you read this, yet”? The cover stared at me as I mentally ticked it…

  • Trapeta B. Mayson

    Trapeta B. Mayson

      First Job Advice 1972   Mouna don’t tie your face and fix your mouth like da’ my child we all had to do it. You better removed da’ gold from round your neck, it fine, but these people wey choke you in the street for shine-shine then where will you be?   You wey…

  • Anton Nimblett

    Anton Nimblett

    Anton Nimblett is a Trini writer based in Brooklyn. SECTIONS OF AN ORANGE is his first collection of eleven short stories. Nimblett’s stories are beautiful, tragic, yet unexpectedly simple – and therefore not easily forgotten.

  • Sonia Sanchez

    Sonia Sanchez

    Morning Haiku by Sonia Sanchez   In this, her first poetry collection in 10 years, Sanchez continues to challenge and evolve the form, breaking the rules whilst deeply honouring those around her who have made an impact on her life and those of others. Sonia Sanchez has reached that pinnacle in her poetry career where she creates new forms…

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