Who We Are


SABLE LitMag is probably more than you knew or expected…


Our umbrella concept is of a global social enterprise whose ethos is that that there should be no physical boundaries between people of colour to dialogue and collaborate in order to build stronger global and sustainable communities. We believe that one of the most powerful ways to do this is through the spoken and written word. And through the word, we believe that mental boundaries can be overcome, too.


 ‘Art is the heArt of a nation,’ and therefore, our ethos is based on using Art as a means to build strong communities. We aim to show how the literary arts can be used effectively to promote cultural understanding and social cohesion in communities and across borders.



SABLE LitMag … is a black and white cultural publication for writers of colour to showcase their work in any genre. It provides readers with an opportunity to read new work by internationally renowned and new writers within a format and design that is aesthetically as important as the written word.



SABLE LitMag… offers training and support through e-internships, professional development for writers through its courses and workshops, a manuscript reading service, residential courses and retreats and a writers coaching service.



 SABLE LitMag’s… flagship event is Word from Africa! Bringing words and music ‘live and off the page’.



SABLE LitMag… created the Writer’s HotSpot which started in 1996 – the first international creative writing residencies for people of colour. We have held them in Cuba, The Gambia, New York and the UK



SABLE LitMag… has a LitFest.. The first one took place in Brixton, London in 2005. The second one took place in Bakau, The Gambia in 2007 where the third one will also take place in 2013.



SABLE LitMag… is an effective voice for positive cultural understanding.



SABLE LitMag… is creating an artist retreat in West Africa.



What do you want SABLE LitMag to be for you? Let us know at info@sablelitmag.org


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