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Sheriff Jaiteh, a 21 year old, was born, raised and schooled in a suburb of Serrekunda called Bundung, The Gambia. He did six years of elementary school in Bundung Lower Basic, then proceeded to CharlesJjow Memorial Academy for his Junior High and then completed his High School at Nusrat High. Sheriff earned a Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations at SBEC College. Sheriff has been inspired by the works of Abdoulie Jobe, a young Gambian who now resides in Croatia. In June 2014, he, with fourteen other young Gambians, published a poetry anthology called A Harvest of Gambian Lines, the anthology consists of 208 poems, twenty of which are his.



The lesser the beams you see

The more light you yearn for

Liked a famished werewolf

At the peak of a full moon

In the heart of a forest


See that streak of lightening

The way you stare at it

With your almost unmoving eyes

As if something destine was awaiting

And you could just clutch it off if you wish

But you wished you knew more


We were told that

The desert is not so fatal

That in its aridity lies water

An oasis

Trees to Feed our starved selves

shade us while we

Rest the moment away

Without worrying about

The rest of the journey

All we needed was a pair of good shoes

And a little bit of courage


And then we were told about the sea

That it is not as deadly as it looks from afar

That the waves we see

Will calm down when they feel a boat

A human soul just passing

That water is peace

It would not take the beat of an innocent heart

That we wouldn’t drown even if we tried

Because there are sea creatures to save us

This is what we were told

Over and over and over again


But were never told

That the desert has no end

It just goes further and further

That on the desert

The sun does not just shine

It burns

Even a simple comprehension becomes a hitch

That the oasis is next to impossible to find

We will run out of water three times

Before we get to it

And we will be known as the dehydrated travelers


We were never told that

That the sea is the beast

Not the peace they said

That the tides will rise above our heads

Showing us every face they took

That will See every drowned human soul

Swimming under our boat

That we would stare at death in its face

And our souls could be shown to the next boat


This journey is like the first installment in “the Hobbit” franchise

An unexpected journey

Not in a land of oaks and dragons

Elves and wizards

But in ditch with guns and bombs

Kidnappings and ransoms calls

Unending sand and sea monsters

And we still were not told

That even if we make it

We will never be the same again


Pardon me if am not ready

To go through all these for a

40 euro monthly allowance

For when the revelation came

And the scriptures were decrypted

The only things obvious were:

The screeches of dying dreams

The odors of tailored failures

The breezes from the rivers of blood

The whines of their waning sailors

The darkness in their shallow words

The OMGs

The thousands hitting flat lines

The heaps going just stuck

And the champions that became broken

Haven’t you seen a son of anarchy in me?

A walking corpse but heart still beats

Call me a coward

For I would rather continue staring

At that streak of lightening

Than trade my soul for a piece of

A dead dream

Pardon me if I

A young African leader

Is too scared to throw away our continent’s future

In a desert or a sea

Truth is

I have the courage no to

Pardon me if I refuse to let my

Corpse be piled up with others

Like a piece of garbage

So no, we were not told to say this

But I will say no to illegal migration

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