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It’s been exciting and inspiring setting up the first SABLE Poet-in-Residence programme with Patricia Foster and just proved to us that apart from her lovely self, that she was the right person to be an ambassador too.

The residency will be for a year from today and will involve Patricia in readings, writing a column and working with Michael Chilokoa on programming the SABLE Readers Series. We will support her in developing work for a  chapbook and taking part in the SABLE Gambia Litfest in 2015.

So keep watching and listening out for Patricia  throughout the year and beyond!  Enjoy one of her poems below:

My Brother’s Best Friend

My brother Andrew isn’t going to school today.
Phillip has gone.

The night before, my brother
and some friends
sat on wooden chairs
around Phillip’s bed
a lone island
in the middle of the living room,
and talked about playing cricket;
sniffing or rubbing eyes with sleeves
trying to sound upbeat. One person’s laughter missing.
I sat on a small, beige, leather pouffe
near the telly, which was nonsense in the background
and my mum got up rushing out.
It was the first time I had seen her cry
in front of my brother and me.
Phillip’s bald head
was the only light thing in the dimly lit room.
His eye lids were heavy, eyes rolling around underneath them.
I saw my brothers eyes dart everywhere around the room
stopping finally at Phillip’s feet
shrunken and small under a purple and blue
croched bed cover.
My brother’s best friend looked eleven
like me
instead of seventeen,
his muscles folded and tucked away
preparing for a long rest.


A Malika’s Poetry Kitchen founder member, Patricia Foster is an internationally published writer in Loose Muse Anthology of Women’s Writing, Red, A Storm Between Fingers and Jupiter Magazine (Norway).  A performer, actress, radio broadcaster, educator and creative coach, she has performed poetry and monologues for Apples and Snakes, Malika’s Poetry Kitchen and at many London and UK venues. She has featured as a special international guest poet in Kingston, Jamaica, Oslo, Amsterdam and Antwerp, toured Europe and Chicago and featured on Sky TV as well as BBC, Jamaican and Dutch Radio. Her writing is described as  “exquisitely sensitive”. Patricia has also worked in the theatre and toured with the women’s poetry/theatre collective ‘Thea-Poets’.

Twitter: @Ms_P_Foster


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