Portrait of a Publisher credit: Victor Dlamini

Portrait of a Publisher credit:           Victor Dlamini

When people ask me, “What do you do?,”, I usually say, “Too much!” Yet, I enjoy all the things that I do – immensely. My two loves are writing and travel – which is how the SABLE Writer’s Hotspot came about and much of my work (and pleasure!) revolves around these two things in some capacity.

Below are links to information, interviews etc. about me (that I know about). So, here is the official ‘Me’ reduced to a website!

Kadija George/Kadija Sesay

British Council
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Leicester Review of Books
Pryncepality.com – bum rush the page
The Ballad Of Africa – Kadija George @ BBC, Geoffrey Philp blogspot
Now Rise Books – Afro Europe writing emerging
Irki – by Kadija Sesay

Stanley Ruzvidzo Mupfudza says:

I have had the opportunity of working with Kadija on the Dreams, Jazz & Miracles project. Had no idea she had so much energy, vision, passion…A truly remarkable African woman; when Mbeki speaks of his African Renaissance dream, perhaps its important to take note of the work of people such as Kadija, who are an embodiment of that renaissance already in action, not bogged down by politics on the continent, sowing seeds of hope. 
Stanley Ruzvidzo Mupfudza  (1971-2010) 

I found out  by accident, about the passing of Mupfudza  when trying to reach him to get a better photo of him for the SABLE website…a very talented writer and a lovely man – we never met in person but had some great email banter http://memorychirere.blogspot.com/2010/05/ruzvidzo-stanley-mupfudza-obituary-by.html